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  • Optimal solar orientation for passive and active solar gain, reducing heating and energy costs.

  • Optimal solar orientation for greenhouse

  • Ease of access and proximity to other anchor facilities within the community

  • Sandy soil and potential high water table suggest a slab foundation. The northwest axis and tapered lot, combined with above observations imply building "up" rather than "out or down" to maximise useable square footage.

  • Existing trail system observed. The appearance of continuous active use suggests the maintenance and encouragement of the continued use of these informal networks. These trails would be vital links to foraging, and game harvesting. The building is designed to support these activities by providing facilities for the cultivation, production, processing, storage and distribution of nutritional and medicinal resources from a wide variety of inputs.

  • Given the central location, and community-oriented function of the building, space will be designed for maximum flexibility of use. This allows the building to adapt to community needs, as well as serving as a community muster point in the event of extreme weather events or other emergencies.

Main Building:

The entire main floor is designed to be zero entry, fully accessible through all entry and exit points.​

Food Bank:

  • Demarginalization of foodbank use by incorporating foodbank into larger context of community food-related activities.

  • The "forward" orientation of this usage in the building, allows for lots of natural light, and access.

  • Privacy of foodbank clients is respected by creating access points and entry from several points. These range from specific access to points which are co-mingled with other activities, giving clients choice with respect to degrees of privacy.

  • Adequate space is provided within the food bank to support moderate expansion from existing facilities, while at the same time allowing for flexible use of the space.

  • Shelves on casters allow for maximum flexibility of layout on a semi-permanent basis. This sets the stage for responding to seasonal challenges with respect to varieties of use.

  • Easy access to washrooms.

Teaching Kitchen/Dining Hall:

  • Island range tops provide maximum student/instructor contact, by providing two-sided access to range tops

  • Kitchen location accommodates straight simple mechanicals runs.

  • Dining area seats 50 when arranged for dining. More for special presentations.

  • Clerestory roof allows for reflected natural light. Operable clerestory windows provide natural ventilation/cooling of the space, as well as allowing daylighting- thus saving energy.

  • Interconnected indoor/ outdoor (under roof )space in the yard through the use of sliding glass.

  • Canning facilities for food preservation/storage.


  • ​Offices receive abundant natural light, with light on two sides.

  • Mezzanine level has enough square footage for two offices approx. 12'x14', as well as small space for desk and computer access for clients or other users.

  • Proximity of staircase to washrooms, exit to north site, as well as dining hall allows staff to access all functional spaces efficiently.

Ancillary Structures:

  • Designed to be heated with compost heat exchanger

  • Integrated potting shed provides thermal mass (increasing the passive heating opportunities for greenhouse)

  • Interconnected exterior roof element allows for fresh herbs, and other greenhouse produce to be directly transported to produce washing stations,  kitchen or freezers.

  • Reduced costs through the use of natural materials in construction

  • Potting shed designed with natural convection, and height for drying herbs, etc. Overhead.

Fish and Game Processing Facility/Smokehouse:

  • Easily sanitized facility for the processing of fish and game

  • Onsite freezers for community storage (banking) of hunt and catch

  • Integrated smokehouse for food preservation/storage

Loading Bay:

  • Could be constructed as unconditioned (enclosed) space /converted in future to conditioned space

  • Houses walk-in freezer(s)

  • Designed to receive up to five-ton trucks (under roof) and is set back far enough to allow for 53' tractor-trailer.

The entire facility comprising of the main building and lot is designed as a whole. The fire pit, trail system, ancillary buildings (including market stalls) are all accessible- as is the main floor of the building. This facility is designed for school lunch program meal prep, soup kitchen, food bank, greenhouse, canning, teaching, gathering, smokehouse, community meetings etc. As such it is our goal to provide a "hub" of nutrition and medicine in the heart of the community. Immediately adjacent to many other community buildings.

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